Dienstag, 8. August 2017

New England Patriot team jets

The NFL champions New England Patriots have gone the unusual way of acquiring a couple of Boeing 767-300s on their own and have equipped them with an interior that fits the needs of the club, i.e. First-Class-style seats and other features. At least one of the two 767s even got a fitting paint job, as can be seen on ESPN.com:


According to ESPN, the Patriots declined to comment on the acquisition and the exact source of the two B767s remains to be found out too yet. The planes are apparently set to be based at Providence, RH (PVD).

Expect the jets to see their first mission for the pre-season game away at the Houston Texans on 19 August 2017.

EDIT: The planes appear to be two former American Airlines jets, formerly N366AA and N39367. They will be re-registered as N36NE and N225NE under the name of "Team 125 Inc.".

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