Donnerstag, 28. Dezember 2017

English Premier League, 30 December 2017

30 December 2017

Bournemouth AFC vs. Everton FC

CLJ835P BHX 1400-1430 LPL BA46 G-RAJJ (29/12/17, ferry flt)
CLJ835 LPL xxxx-xxxx BOH BA46 G-RAJJ (29/12/17)

Newcastle United vs. Brighton & Hove Albion

BMR8275 LGW 1430-1545 NCL E145 (29/12/17)

Montag, 25. Dezember 2017

Montag, 18. Dezember 2017

English Premier League, 18 December 2017

Everton FC vs. Swansea City

Placed at the bottom of the Premier League, Swansea are desperately looking for points, with midfield club Everton looking to bring their season back on track following a change in management.

BMR8290 CWL 1930-2030 LPL E145 G-RJXE (17/12/17)
BMR8291 LPL xxxx-0045(+1) CWL E145 

Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2017

FIFA Club World Cup 2017

FIFA Club World Cup 2017

6 - 16 December 2017 (in Abu Dhabi)

Team arrivals:

Real Madrid: EK2516 MAD 1015-1955 AUH A388 A6-EUV (10/12/17)

Freitag, 17. November 2017

English Premier League, 18-19 November 2017

18 November 2017

AFC Bournemouth vs. Huddersfield Town

AXY1703 CDG 1415-1430 LBA B735 9H-AHA (17/11/17, ferry flt)
AXY1701 LBA xxxx-1720 BOH B735 9H-AHA (17/11/17)

Burnley vs. Swansea City

BMR8288 CWL 1615-xxxx MAN E145 (17/11/17)
BMR8289 MAN xxxx-2035 CWL E145

Crystal Palace vs. Everton FC

CLJ835P BHX xxxx-1430 LPL BA46 G-RAJJ (17/11/17, ferry flt)
CLJ835 LPL 1600-xxxx BQH BA46 G-RAJJ (17/11/17)

Liverpool FC vs. Southampton

ENZ856P SEN 1315-1345 SOU RJ85 G-JOTR (17/11/17, ferry flt)
ENZ856 SOU 1600-xxxx LPL RJ85 G-JOTR (17/11/17)

Freitag, 10. November 2017

2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, 9-13 November 2017

9 November 2017

Northern Ireland vs. Switzerland (in Belfast)

LX8910 BSL 1640-1800 BFS A321 (07/11/17)
GM**** ZRH 1000-1135 BFS (09/11/17)
GM**** BFS 0315-0630 ZRH (10/11/17)
LX8911 BFS 1555-1900 BSL A321 (10/11/17)

Croatia vs. Greece (in Zagreb)

AEE4050 ATH 1000-1200 ZAG A320 (08/11/17)

10 November 2017

Sweden vs. Italy (in Solna)

AZ9000 FCO xxxx-xxxx FLR 1620-1920 ARN A319 EI-IMI (09/11/17)

South Africa vs. Senegal (in Polokwane)

The Senegal team assembled in Paris and traveled to Polokwane in the North-East of South Africa with an A320 of SmartLynx, re-fueling in Lome, Togo, en-route:

MYX8331 CDG 0100-0630 LFW 0730-1530 PTG A320 ES-SAQ (07/11/17)

Honduras vs. Australia (in San Pedro Sula)

While the Socceroos assembled their team directly in Honduras, Qantas provided an A330 for the flight home to Sydney, where the decisive second leg of this qualifier will be held:

QF6031 SYD 1900-0755 HNL 0925-2240 SAP A333 VH-QPG (09/11/17, ferry flt)
QF6032 SAP 2030-0245(+1) HNL 0415(+1)-1145(+2) SYD A333 VH-QPG (10/11/17)

12 November 2017

Switzerland vs. Northern Ireland (in Basel)

LX8911 BFS 1555-1900 BSL A321 (10/11/17)
LS6472 BFS xxxx-0920 BSL
ST2828 BFS xxxx-1105 BSL A319

Samstag, 28. Oktober 2017

New Blog Address

With ongoing problems due malware from an old script, I have decided to re-start the blog from scratch under a new address:

All the Champions League postings will be migrated over there and I will see whether there is a feasible solution for the other postings on the old blog.


Mittwoch, 25. Oktober 2017

KHL, 26 October 2017

Salavat Yulaev Ufa vs. Metallurg Magnitogorsk

Magnitka is still looking to improve on a disappointing season so far, but their away task in Ufa could not be more difficult for sure. For their travels they could count on the support of Gazprom:

4G9607 NBC 2359-0245(+1) UFA B737 RA-73004 (24/10/17)

HC Sochi vs. Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg

After a difficult 2016-17 season, Avto are somehow back in business and despite Sochi not having a reputation as absolute world beaters, an away trip to the Bolshoi Arena can always bring certain dangers:

SVR9291 KZN 1300-1530 AER A320 (25/10/17) 

KHL, 25 October 2017

Slovan Bratislava vs. Lokomotiv Yaroslavl

After upsetting the form team Jokerit in Helsinki, Loko travels on to an easier ask, against back strugglers Slovan Bratislava, one of the four weakest teams in the KHL currently:

YC9527 HEL 0030-0130 BTS A320 (24/10/17)
YC9528 BTS 2300-xxxx(+1) DME A320 (25/10/17)

Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod vs. Ugra Khanty-Mansiysk

A tough away game for Ugra on the back of a frustrating defeat in Cherepovets:

RD9210 CEE 2359-0115(+1) GOJ SU95 RA-89077 (23/10/17)
RD9211 GOJ 2300-0050(+1) KUF SU95 RA-89077

CSKA Moscow vs. Dinamo Minsk

The team from Belarus has vastly improved from a really bad start into the season and is facing a tough appointment at CSKA Moscow tonight. They traveled to the Russian capital with Belavia as usual:

BRU8741 MSQ 1600-1715 DME B735 EW-251PA (22/10/17)
BRU8741 DME 0030-0210 HEL B735 EW-251PA (26/10/17)

Dienstag, 24. Oktober 2017

German DFB-Pokal, R2, 24-25 October 2017

25 October 2017

RB Leipzig vs. FC Bayern München

One of four Bundesliga duels in the second round in the German Cup sees national champions Bayern facing the runners-up away in Leipzig. Two top teams on show and one will have its cup journey ended very early:

LH2570 MUC 1715-1810 LEJ CRJ9 (24/10/17)
LH2571 LEJ 1030-1125 MUC CRJ9 (26/10/17)

Freitag, 20. Oktober 2017

NFL, Regular Season Week 7, 19-23 October 2017

22 October 2017

Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Penguins

DL8867 JFK 1005-1201 CVG B752 (21/10/17, ferry flt)
DL8867 CVG 1500-1600 PIT B752 (21/10/17)

New York Jets at Miami Dolphins

UA2534 EWR 1230-1530 MIA B764 (21/10/17)
UA2534 MIA 1730-2025 EWR B764

New Orleans Saints at Green Bay Packers

UA2541 MSY 1330-1620 GRB B764 (21/10/17)
UA2541 GRB 1630-1920 MSY B764

Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns

UA2542 BNA 1400-1635 CLE B753 (21/10/17)
UA2542 CLE 1730-1805 BNA B753

Atlanta Falcons at New England Patriots

DL8863 ATL 1530-1755 PVD B752 N6703D (20/10/17)

Spanish La Liga 2, 20-23 October 2017

20 October 2017

CA Osasuna vs. Barcelona B

SVB754 BCN 1145-1230 PNA E145 F-HAFS
SVB755 PNA 0025-0120 BCN E145 (21/10/17)

Spanish La Liga, 21-23 October 2017

21 October 2017

CF Valencia vs. Sevilla

YW2014 SVQ 1900-2010 VLC CRJX (20/10/17)
YW2015 VLC 2230-2340 SVQ CRJX

FC Barcelona vs. CF Malaga

YW5009 AGP 1040-1200 BCN CRJ2 (21/10/17)
YW5010 BCN 0015-0145 AGP CRJ2 (22/10/17)

22 October 2017

Villarreal CF vs. UD Las Palmas

YW2011 LPA 1500-1845 VLC CRJX (21/10/17)
YW2012 VLC 1630-xxxx LPA CRJX

Celta de Vigo vs. Atletico Madrid

UX1903 MAD 1900-2010 VGO E195 (21/10/17)
UX2003 VGO 1930-2040 MAD E195

Leganes vs. Athletic Bilbao

YW5001 BIO 1900-2000 MAD CRJ2 (21/10/17)
YW5002 MAD 2200-2255 BIO CRJ2 (22/10/17)

Real Madrid vs. Eibar

SVB129 VIT 1130-1215 MAD E145 
SVB130 MAD 0030-0115 VIT E145 (23/10/17)

23 October 2017

La Coruña vs. Girona

LZF1001 GRO 1030-1255 LCG AT43 (23/10/17)
LZF1002 LCG 0100-0325 GRO AT43 (24/10/17)

German Bundesliga, 20-22 October 2017

21 October 2017

FC Augsburg vs. Hannover 96

PWF6010 HAJ 1615-xxxx AGB 

Hamburger SV vs. FC Bayern München

LH2570 MUC 1705-1820 HAM CRJ9 (20/10/17)
LH2571 HAM 2240-2355 MUC CRJ9

22 October 2017

SC Freiburg vs. Hertha BSC Berlin

PWF5950 TXL 1630-1800 LHA D328 (21/10/17)
PWF5951 LHA 2030-2155 TXL D328

KHL, 21 October 2017

SKA St. Petersburg vs. Jokerit Helsinki

AY7001 HEL 1500-1600 LED A319 (20/10/17)
AY7002 LED 2230-2330 HEL A319

Montag, 16. Oktober 2017

NFL, Regular Season, Week 6, 16 October 2017

16 October 2017

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans

DL8871 IND 1530-1532 BNA B752 N650DL (15/10/17)
DL8872 IND 1550-1552 BNA B752 N652DL (15/10/17)
DL8871 BNA 0030-0235 IND B752 N650DL (17/10/17)
DL8871 IND 0315-0437 ATL B752 N650DL (17/10/17, ferry flt)
DL8872 BNA 0050-0255 IND B752 N652DL (17/10/17)

DL8872 IND 0335-0333 MKE B752 N652DL (17/10/17, ferry flt)

Sonntag, 15. Oktober 2017

UEFA EL, GS MD3, 19 October 2017

FC Astana vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv

QS3146 TLV 1100-xxxx TSE B738 (17/10/17)

Vardar Skopje vs. Real Sociedad San Sebastian

PVG6997 BIO xxxx-1505 SKP (18/10/17)
PVG6998 SKP 2305-xxxx(+1) VIT (19/10/17)

Zenit St. Petersburg vs. Rosenborg Trondheim

DX5631 TRD 1000-1250 LED (18/10/17)
DX5632 LED xxxx-0045(+1) TRD (19/10/17)

OGC Nice vs. SS Lazio Rome

AZ9026 FCO 1600-1745 NCE E175 (18/10/17)
AZ9027 NCE 2300-xxxx FCO E175

Zorya Lugansk vs. Hertha BSC Berlin (in Lviv)

PWF6000 TXL 0930-xxxx LWO D328 (18/10/17)
PWF5990 TXL 0935-xxxx LWO D328 (18/10/17)

Östersund vs. Athletic Bilbao

ENT580 BIO xxxx-1255 OSD B738 (18/10/17)
ENT581 OSD 2240-xxxx(+1) VIT B738 (19/10/17)

Olympique Marseille vs. Vitoria Guimaraes

PVG531P LIS 0630-0730 OPO A320 CS-TRO (18/10/17, ferry flt)
PVG5332 OPO 0900-xxxx MRS A320 CS-TRO (18/10/17)
PVG5332 MRS xxxx-0210 OPO A320 CS-TRO (19/10/17)
PVG532P OPO 0300-0400 LIS A320 CS-TRO (20/10/17, ferry flt)

Konyaspor vs. FC Salzburg

FHY537 AYT xxxx-xxxx ZRH xxxx-1210 SZG A320 (18/10/17, ferry flt)
FHY538 SZG 1300-xxxx KYA A320 (18/10/17)
FHY537 KYA xxxx-0900 SZG A320 (20/10/17)
FHY538 SZG 0950-xxxx DUS xxxx-xxxx AYT A320 (20/10/17, ferry flt)

Everton FC vs. Olympique Lyonnais

TDR333 LYS 1030-xxxx LPL F100 (18/10/17)
QS4842 LYS 1000-xxxx LPL B738
TDR334 LPL xxxx-0325 LYS F100 (20/10/17)
QS4843 LPL xxxx-0405 LYS B738 (20/10/17)

Freitag, 13. Oktober 2017

Italian Serie A, 14-16 October 2017

14 October 2017

Juventus Turin vs. Lazio Rome

AZ9026 TRN 2230-xxxx FCO A319 (14/10/17)

15 October 2017

Crotone vs. Torino FC

KT742 TRN 1600-xxxx SUF E145 (14/10/17)

German Bundesliga, 13-15 October 2017

14 October 2017

Borussia Dortmund vs. Leipzig

MHV333 LEJ 1700-1745 DTM D328 (13/10/17)

English Premier League, 14-16 October 2017

14 October 2017

Swansea City vs. Huddersfield Town

AXY1304 LBA 1700-1820 CWL (13/10/17)
AXY1403 CWL 1900-2020 LBA

15 October 2017

Brighton & Hove Albion vs. Everton FC

CLJ835P BHX 1400-1445 LPL BA46 G-RAJJ (14/10/17, ferry flt)
CLJ835 LPL 1545-1700 LGW BA46 G-RAJJ (14/10/17)
CLJ835P LGW 1745-xxxx BQH BA46 G-RAJJ (14/10/17, ferry flt)
CLJ836 BQH 1700-1815 LPL BA46 G-RAJJ
CLJ836P LPL 1900-1930 BHX BA46 G-RAJJ (ferry flt)

Southampton FC vs. Newcastle United

EZE9406 SOU 1930-2035 NCL 

Donnerstag, 12. Oktober 2017

European Rugby Champions Cup, GS MD1, 13-15 October 2017

14 October 2017

Leinster vs. Montpellier

TDR315 MPL 1530-1655 DUB F100 (13/10/17)

Castres vs. Munster

ENT589 SNN xxxx-1410 TLS B738 (13/10/17)
ENT590 TLS 2000-xxxx SNN B738 (15/10/17)

15 October 2017

Toulon vs. Scarlets

VG7067 CWL xxxx-1355 TLN FK50 (14/10/17)

Ospreys vs. ASM Clermont-Auvergne

PEA421 CFE 1400-xxxx CWL E145 (14/10/17)

Mittwoch, 11. Oktober 2017

European Rugby Challenge Cup, GS MD1, 12-15 October 2017

13 October 2017

Sale Sharks vs. Stade Toulousain

LLC3211 TLS 1000-xxxx MAN A320 (12/10/17)
LLC3227 MAN xxxx-0255 TLS A320 (13/10/17)

Cardiff Blues vs. Lyon OU

SVB669 LYS xxxx-1710 CWL E145 (12/10/17)
SVB670 CWL 2359-xxxx LYS E145 (13/10/17)

14 October 2017

Worcester Warriors vs. CA Brive

V32789 BVE xxxx-1400 BHX F100 (13/10/17)

Dienstag, 10. Oktober 2017

UEFA CL, GS MD3, 17-18 October 2017

17 October 2017

Group E

Spartak Moscow vs. Sevilla CF

PVG1905 SVQ 1300-1930 SVO B763 EC-LZO (15/10/17)
PVG2005 SVO 0230-0630 SVQ B763 EC-LZO (18/10/17)

NK Maribor vs. Liverpool FC

ZT7951 LPL 1100-1435 MBX (16/10/17)
GNJ57 LPL 1230-1605 MBX B752 SX-RFA (16/10/17)

Group F

Feyenoord Rotterdam vs. Shakhtar Donezk

7W7737 KBP 0900-1115 RTM A321 SX-ABQ (16/10/17)

- thank you Rudi!

Manchester City vs. SSC Napoli

AP5691 NAP xxxx-1715 MAN B734 (16/10/17)

Group G

AS Monaco vs. Besiktas Istanbul

XD1903 IST xxxx-1410 NCE A320 (16/10/17)

RB Leipzig vs. FC Porto

HFY671P BYJ xxxx-1750 OPO A343 (15/10/17, ferry flt)
HFY611 OPO 0915-xxxx LEJ A343 (16/10/17)
HFY612 LEJ xxxx-0305 OPO A343 (17/10/17)

Group H

Real Madrid vs. Tottenham Hotspur

AWC7831 STN 1215-1515 MAD B752 G-POWH (16/10/17)
LS6425 STN xxxx-1130 MAD
AWC7832 MAD 0045-xxxx STN (18/10/17)
LS6426 MAD 0045-xxxx STN (18/10/17)

APOEL Nicosia vs. Borussia Dortmund

EW1909 DTM 0900-1355 LCA A320 (16/10/17)

18 October 2017

Group A

CSKA Moscow vs. FC Basel

2L1654 BRN xxxx-0645 BSL E190 (17/10/17, ferry flt)
2L6654 BSL 0745-1200 SVO E190 (17/10/17)
2L1655 SVO 1305-xxxx ZRH E190 (17/10/17, ferry flt)
PAV4949 BLL xxxx-0700 BSL CRJ2 (17/10/17, ferry flt)
PAV4949 BSL 0800-1200 SVO CRJ2 (17/10/17)

SL Benfica vs. Manchester United

ZT800Y STN 1215-1300 MAN B752 G-ZAPX (16/10/17, ferry flt)
ZT8001 MAN 1500-xxxx LIS B752 G-ZAPX (16/10/17)

Group B

FC Bayern München vs. Celtic Glasgow

ABR495 GLA 0945-xxxx MUC B733 (17/10/17)
LS6427 GLA 1000-1325 MUC (17/10/17)
LS6433 GLA 1500-1825 MUC (17/10/17)
LS6449 GLA 0820-1135 MUC 
LS6428 MUC 1500-1620 GLA (19/10/17)

Group C

FK Qarabag Agdam vs. Atletico Madrid

AHY1902 GYD 0450-0900 MAD A345 (16/10/17, ferry flt)
AHY1903 MAD 1200-1940 GYD A345 (16/10/17)
AHY2003 GYD xxxx-0415 MAD (19/10/17)
AHY2004 MAD 0515-xxxx GYD (19/10/17, ferry flt)

Chelsea vs. AS Roma

AZ8950 FCO 1530-1720 STN (17/10/17)

Group D

FC Barcelona vs. Olympiacos Piraeus

AEE4010 ATH xxxx-1950 BCN A320 (16/10/17)
AEE4011 BCN 0030-xxxx ATH A320 (19/10/17)

Juventus Turin vs. Sporting Lisbon

YU621 LIS xxxx-1800 TRN B763 (17/10/17)

Montag, 9. Oktober 2017

Spanish La Liga, 29 September - 1 October 2017

29 September 2017

Celta de Vigo vs. Girona

LZF930 GRO 1030-xxxx VGO AT43 (29/09/17)

Valencia CF vs. Athletic Bilbao

YW5001 BIO 1900-2010 VLC CRJ9 (30/09/17)
YW5002 VLC 2150-2255 BIO CRJ9

Freitag, 6. Oktober 2017

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, MD10, 8-10 October 2017

8 October 2017

Norway vs. Northern Ireland

ABR496 OSL 0045-xxxx BFS B733 (09/10/17)

Germany vs. Azerbaijan (in Kaiserslautern)

AHY5001 GYD 1400-1705 SCN A319 4K-AZ03 (06/10/17)
AHY5002 SCN 1100-xxxx GYD A319 4K-AZ03 (09/10/17)

Denmark vs. Romania

RO7004 CPH 2245-0200(+1) OTP A318 YR-ASB

9 October 2017

Israel vs. Spain

UX937 ALC 1600-xxxx TLV A333 (07/10/17)

10 October 2017

Portugal vs. Switzerland

LX5010 ZRH 1415-1435 BSL A321 HB-ION (08/10/17, ferry flt)
LX8910 BSL 1540-1725 LIS A321 HB-ION (08/10/17)
LX5011 LIS 1800-2145 ZRH A321 HB-ION (08/10/17, ferry flt)

Montag, 2. Oktober 2017

FIFA World Cup 2018 Qualifiers, MD9, 5-7 October 2017

5 October 2017

Scotland vs. Slovakia

6D6914 BTS 1200-1355 GLA B738 (04/10/17)
ENT504 BTS 0900-1100 GLA B738 (05/10/17)

Montenegro vs. Denmark

SK7001 CPH 1500-1730 TGD A320 OY-KAY (03/10/17)

Azerbaijan vs. Czech Republic

QS4660 PRG 1400-2000 GYD B738 OK-TVM (03/10/17)

San Marino vs. Norway

SK7110 RMI 0045-xxxx OSL B738 (05/10/17)

Northern Ireland vs. Germany

LH342 FRA 1100-1205 BFS A320 (04/10/17)
LH343 BFS 0950-1250 FRA A320 (06/10/17)

England vs. Slovenia

JP972 LJU 1050-1200 LTN A319 (04/10/17)
JP973 LTN 1245-xxxx LJU A319 (04/10/17, ferry flt)

6 October 2017

Turkey vs. Iceland (in Eskisehir)

FI1586 KEF 0930-1745 AOE B752 TF-FIA (05/10/17)
FI1587 AOE 0200-xxxx KEF B752 TF-FIA (07/10/17)

Georgia vs. Wales

ZT7701 CWL 1300-xxxx TBS (04/10/17)

Italy vs. Macedonia

JP265 SKP 1000-xxxx TRN CRJ9 (04/10/17)
JP267 TRN xxxx-0255 SKP CRJ9 (07/10/17)

Spain vs. Albania

MAR74 TIA xxxx-1245 ALC (05/10/17)

7 October 2017

Switzerland vs. Hungary

WZZ997 BUD 1700-1840 BSL A320 (04/10/17)
WZZ998 BSL 1910-xxxx BUD A320 (04/10/17, ferry flt)
WZZ997 BUD 1515-1655 BSL A320 (08/10/17, ferry flt)

Andorra vs. Portugal

TP9148 LIS 1445-1740 BCN A319 (05/10/17)
TP9149 BCN 1130-xxxx LIS A319 (08/10/17)

Faroe Islands vs. Latvia

BT7701 RIX xxxx-1200 FAE (06/10/17)

BT7703 FAE 2200-xxxx RIX (07/10/17)

Sonntag, 1. Oktober 2017

KHL, 2 October 2017

2 October 2017

Lokomotiv Yaroslavl vs. SKA St. Petersburg

SU7092 LED 1630-1805 IAR A320 VQ-BCM (01/10/17)
SU7097 IAR 2345-0345(+1) UFA A320 VQ-BIV (02/10/17)

NFL Regular Season, Week 4, 28 September - 2 October 2017

1 October 2017

New Orleans Saints at Miami Dolphins (in London, Wembley)

VS9934 FLL 2015-0854(+1) LHR A346 G-VRED (28/09/17)
VS9935 LHR 2100-xxxx MIA A346
VS9937 LHR 2130-xxxx MSY A346

Carolina Panthers at New England Patriots

AA9476 CLT 1315-1515 PVD A321 N151UW (30/09/17)
AA9476 PVD 1830-2040 CLT

Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Chargers

AA9475 PHL 1138-1351 LAX A332 N279AY (30/09/17)
AA9475 LAX 1830-0245(+1) PHL A332