Samstag, 31. März 2018

French League Cup Final, 31 March 2018

Paris St-Germain vs. AS Monaco (in Bordeaux)

A respectable turnout of aircraft in Bordeaux, with French League Cup finals now being held outside Paris and thus PSG fans having to look for transport too:

SVB261 LBG xxxx-1625 BOD E145 (30/03/18)
AXY3109 NCE xxxx-1020 BOD B735 9H-OME (31/03/18)
ENT561 NCE xxxx-1215 BOD B738 SP-ENP (31/03/18)
ENT593 NCE xxxx-1220 BOD B738 SP-ENG (31/03/18)
xx8543 CDG xxxx-1245 BOD A320 (31/03/18)
AP5935 NCE xxxx-1630 BOD B738 EC-MTV (31/03/18)

AXY3110 BOD 0030-xxxx NCE B735 9H-OME (01/04/18)
AP5936 BOD 0100-xxxx NCE B738 EC-MTV (01/04/18)
SVB262 BOD 0130-xxxx CDG E145 (01/04/18)
ENT562 BOD 0130-xxxx NCE B738 (01/04/18)
ZI988 BOD 0130-xxxx CDG A320 (01/04/18)
xx8544 BOD 0130-xxxx CDG A320 (01/04/18)
ENT594 BOD 0135-xxxx NCE B738 (01/04/18)

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