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UEFA Champions League Final, 3 June 2017

UEFA Champions League Final

3 June 2017 (in Cardiff)

Real Madrid vs. Juventus Turin

Cardiff flights

CBX7600 MAD 1030-1135 CWL B733 (01/06/17)
YW2010 MAD 1300-1405 CWL CRJX (01/06/17)

EZE9731 MXP xxxx-1055 CWL E145 G-CHMR (02/06/17)
AZ9518 TRN 1035-1135 CWL A321 EI-IXZ (02/06/17)
AZ9014 TRN 1100-1200 CWL A321 I-BIXR (02/06/17)
IB2800 MAD 1050-1215 CWL A321 EC-HUH (02/06/17)
FR5089 MAD 1120-1220 CWL B738 EI-DLW (02/06/17)
AZ9500 MXP 1300-1410 CWL A332 I-EJGA (02/06/17)
IB2802 MAD 1300-1415 CWL A321 (02/06/17)
IB2852 MAD 1600-1710 CWL A346 (02/06/17)
VY7756 FCO 2115-2245 CWL A320 (02/06/17)

VY7758 FCO 0025-0155 CWL A320 EC-HQL
AZ9542 CTA 0040-0255 CWL A320 EI-IKU
AZ9525 BLQ 0340-0440 CWL A320 EI-DSG
MSA8091 BGY 0350-0450 CWL B734 OM-GTB
AZ9510 TRN 0400-0500 CWL A320
AZ9520 MXP 0400-0500 CWL A320
BV880 MXP 0500-0555 CWL B734
AZ9506 FCO 0445-0635 CWL A321 EI-IXH
0B9761 TRN 0540-0645 CWL B734
AP5641 BGY 0530-0655 CWL B734
AP5965 VRN 0520-0655 CWL B734
AZ9529 TRN 0635-0735 CWL A320
ERN814 MXP 0655-0750 CWL A319
HAT4300 MXP 0710-0810 CWL B734
AZ9519 TRN 0720-0820 CWL A319 EI-IMV
OK6728 MXP 0730-0830 CWL A319
ZT7123 TRN 0735-xxxx CWL B752
AZ9508 TRN 0740-0840 CWL A320
AZI910 MXP 0810-0920 CWL B463
VY7756 FCO 0750-0920 CWL A320
VY7769 MXP 0815-0920 CWL A320
VY7791 MXP 0850-0955 CWL A320
AZ9502 TRN 0920-1020 CWL A321
ZT7121 TRN 0915-1020 CWL A320
KRP2616 MXP 0930-1030 CWL F100
AZ9511 TRN 0935-1035 CWL A320
AZ9521 TRN 0940-1040 CWL A320
VY7773 TRN 0940-1045 CWL A320
AZ9535 TRN 0950-1050 CWL A321
AZ9541 TRN 1000-1100 CWL A332
IB2808 MAD 1000-1115 CWL A346
MSA8063 FCO 1000-1200 CWL B733 EI-FGX
ERN8015 TRN xxxx-1245 CWL A319
BV882 MXP 1150-1245 CWL B734
AZ9527 FCO 1110-1300 CWL A320 EI-DTH
IG2064 MXP 1155-1300 CWL B738
AZ9538 TRN 1215-1315 CWL A320
ZT7125 TRN 1235-1330 CWL B763 G-POWD
AP5863 MXP 1240-1400 CWL B738
AZ9509 VRN 1315-1415 CWL A320
AEH661 PSA xxxx-1430 CWL E145
VY7771 MXP 1350-1500 CWL A320
IB2806 MAD 1400-1515 CWL A346
IB2812 MAD 1415-1555 CWL A321
VY7757 FCO 1430-1600 CWL A320
VY7793 FCO 1450-1620 CWL A320
VY7775 TRN 1525-1630 CWL A320

Bristol flights

With kind help of & the Weekly Mayfly publication!

VBB7600 MAD 1030-1130 BRS MD82 (01/06/17)

VY7760 MAD 0700-0805 BRS A320 (02/06/17)
VY7762 MAD 0555-0700 BRS A320 (02/06/17)
CBX7801 MAD xxxx-1025 BRS B733 (02/06/17)
VY7764 MAD 1200-1305 BRS A320 (02/06/17)
IBS9686 MAD 1815-1925 BRS A320 (02/06/17)
IBS9702 MAD 1840-1950 BRS A320 (02/06/17)
VY7750 BCN 2230-2345 BRS A320 (02/06/17)
IB2906 MAD 0155-0310 BRS A320
IB2908 MAD 0215-0330 BRS A320
IB2868 MAD 0235-0350 BRS A320
IB2856 MAD 0245-0355 BRS A321
IBS9704 MAD 0300-0410 BRS A320
IBS9690 MAD 0300-0410 BRS A320
IBS9688 MAD 0310-0420 BRS A320
IB2858 MAD 0315-0430 BRS A321
IB2896 MAD 0405-0520 BRS A320
VY7762 MAD 0420-0520 BRS A320
UX957 MAD 0500-0640 BRS A332
CBX7168 MAD xxxx-0700 BRS B733
VY4010 MAD 0500-0700 BRS A320
VBB7601 MAD xxxx-0720 BRS MD83
UX821 MAD 0545-0655 BRS B738
PVG7168 MAD 0555-xxxx BRS B733
MLT879 MAD 0600-xxxx BRS B733
ENT591 MAD 0625-xxxx BRS B738
PVG8857 MAD 0635-0900 BRS MD83
PVG6915 MAD 0730-0900 BRS B763 EC-LZO
UX853 MAD 0645-0810 BRS A332
VY7752 BCN 0725-xxxx BRS A320
UX941 MAD 0800-0930 BRS A332
TDR263 MAD 0830-0950 BRS 1020-xxxx LTN F100
TO1512 MAD 0850-xxxx BRS B738
YW2010 MAD 1000-xxxx BRS CRJX
VY7764 MAD 1015-1100 BRS A320
UX929 MAD 1125-1300 BRS A332
UX844 MAD ????-1040 BRS xxxx-1215 BHX A332
UX889 MAD 1150-1305 BRS B738

Birmingham flights

Different sources provide different information ...

PVG5521 MAD xxxx-0600 BHX
PVG6331 MAD xxxx-0810 BHX
PVG9773 MAD 0645-xxxx BHX A332 CS-TQP
PLM8001 MAD 0720-0825 BHX B744
PVG9991 MAD 0755-xxxx BHX A343 9H-TQM
SRN250 TRN 1110-xxxx BHX AT72

East Midlands flights

ZI973 MAD 0710-0820 EMA A320
ZI985 MAD 0725-0830 EMA A320
IGA702 MAD 1100-1320 EMA SF34
IGA704 EMA xxxx-0730 MAD SF34 (04/06/17)

Luton flights

V32692 MXP 1130-xxxx LTN F100 (02/06/17)

Interesting reading on the Aviation Wales website about the consequences of the anticipated busy days at Cardiff Airport (CWL):

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