Donnerstag, 27. April 2017

UEFA EL, Semifinal first leg, 3-4 May 2017

UEFA Europa League
Semifinal first leg

3 May 2017

Ajax Amsterdam vs. Olympique Lyonnais

FPO319 LYS 1030-1140 AMS B737 (02/05/17)
QS4358 LYS 0800-0940 AMS B738 OK-TSA
FPO320 AMS xxxx-0155 LYS B737 (04/05/17)

4 May 2017

Celta Vigo vs. Manchester United

MLT915 MAN 1300-1625 VGO B733 9H-MTF (03/05/17)
CLJ810 MAN xxxx-1820 VGO BA46 G-RAJJ
TCX9468 MAN 0730-1045 VGO A321
TCX9082 MAN 0730-1045 VGO A321
MLT916 VGO 0055-xxxx MAN B733 (05/05/17)
TCX9083 VGO 0100-xxxx MAN (05/05/17)
TCX9469 VGO 0100-xxxx MAN (05/05/17)

TCX - Thomas Cook


  1. Hi Joel!

    Is that all for Celta-Man United or is there a chance to see more scheduled flights?
    Both TCX will be A321s?


  2. Not sure at all about the type for the TCX flights. There will be a Maleth-Aero B737-300 too, arriving with the team the day before the game.

  3. Thank you Joel! Seems that the majority of Man United fans will go via direct flights MAN-OPO or even MAN-MAD...

    For an english football club the operation looks so short!

  4. There will be BAe 146 G-RAJJ tonight at VGO as well from MAN.

    Both Thomas Cook flights tomorrow will be A321s.